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DC Name Email Phone # What do you have? Price
Ames Chow 925.698.9911 Selling practice Martinez  
Andrea Vitz 925.818.1323 Spinalight flex distraction table FREE
Andrew West 805.688.5545 G2ProTheragun $600
Anita Haque 925.960.1960 looking to buy E-Stim machine  
Brad Thompson  619.297.9355 looking for DC to join practice ~     
Cam Pham 408.739.7827 Office for Sale click for details  
Charyl Silva 916.813.2785 TURNKEY 29 yr practice  Sacramento region, great location $5,000
Diane Hafner 925.451.9517 Impulse Adjusting Instrument $999
Doug DeSalvo 415.898.6888 Zenith HiLo Table $600
Ellen Potthoff 925.603.7300 AK Test Kit and Dr. Brimhall Test Kit $125
Eric Kemper 530.877.1007 Selling practice Paradise  
Jacqueline Kosak 916.417.3677 Lead wall barrier shield for X-ray machine $50
Jin Pak 408.771.3442 Selling practice San Mateo  
Jin Pak 408.771.3442 want to buy practice San Jose  
June Scofield 707.734.0505 HyLo Table for sale $100
Larry Kleefeld 530.722.9010 Selling practice Redding  
Lee Kauffman 916.488.6570 Practice for sell  
Loren Roberts 415.892.0983 Multiple Items For Sale  
Martin Yablonovsky   530.409.7721 Cervical Chair & Knee Chest Table Never Used  
Melinda Perlee 510.287.9279 Tony's Table & assorted items  
Paul Abbott   916.988.9044 Practic for sell, cash & Med Pay  
Rabindra Prasad 916.484.4343 Practic for sell  
Robin Hult 530.227.5541 SIDMAR hydrotherapy heated massage table $1,500
Sara McCarlie   Zenith Hylo 210 table  
Steve Leamon 916.532.4644 Nice Exam/adjusting bench $50
Todd Bragg 480.722.8066 practice to sell  
Victoria Moore 415.482.8700 Viewbox 14 x 17. Biomechanics bench with lift-up piece/pelvic drop (drop needs repair)  
William Baeza 415.308.6855 Gonstead knee-chest $100
William Baeza 415.308.6855 14 x 17 viewbox $100
William Starace 530.673.5117 xray & processor for sale