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DC Name Email Phone # What do you have? Price
Agi Ban 510.845.4540 Office for Sale Berkeley click for details  
Ames Chow 925.698.9911 Selling practice Martinez  
Andrea Vitz 925.818.1323 Spinalight flex distraction table FREE
Andrew West 805.688.5545 G2ProTheragun $600
Anita Haque 925.960.1960 looking to buy E-Stim machine  
Brad Thompson  619.297.9355 looking for DC to join practice ~     
Cam Pham 408.739.7827 Office for Sale click for details  
Charyl Silva 916.813.2785 TURNKEY 29 yr practice  Sacramento region, great location $5,000
Diane Hafner 925.451.9517 Impulse Adjusting Instrument $999
Doug DeSalvo 415.898.6888 Zenith HiLo Table $600
Ellen Potthoff 925.603.7300 AK Test Kit and Dr. Brimhall Test Kit $125
Eric Kemper 530.877.1007 Selling practice Paradise  
Jacqueline Kosak 916.417.3677 Lead wall barrier shield for X-ray machine $50
Jin Pak 408.771.3442 Selling practice San Mateo  
Jin Pak 408.771.3442 want to buy practice San Jose  
June Scofield 707.734.0505 HyLo Table for sale $100
Kent Carlomagno 415.847.3402 MARIN CO. (NORTH BAY} CA PRACTICE FOR SALE: Practlce collecting $78,800. Exceptionally equipped. Low overhead. Ideal location. Managememt systems in place. Ideal seamless "turn-key." Entry level practice opportunity! Next DC can easily step in and grow numbers with little effort. Perfect as primary or satellite location.
Larry Kleefeld 530.722.9010 Selling practice Redding  
Lee Kauffman 916.488.6570 Practice for sell  
Loren Roberts 415.892.0983 Multiple Items For Sale  
Martin Yablonovsky   530.409.7721 Cervical Chair & Knee Chest Table Never Used  
Melinda Perlee 510.287.9279 Tony's Table & assorted items  
Patrick Giammarise 530.899.8741 Practice for sale in Chico, click link below for details $249,000  
Paul Abbott   916.988.9044 Practice for sell, cash & Med Pay  
Rabindra Prasad 916.484.4343 Practice for sell  
Robin Hult 530.227.5541 SIDMAR hydrotherapy heated massage table $1,500
Sara McCarlie   Zenith Hylo 210 table  
Steve Leamon 916.532.4644 Nice Exam/adjusting bench $50
Todd Bragg 480.722.8066 practice to sell  
Victoria Moore 415.482.8700 Viewbox 14 x 17. Biomechanics bench with lift-up piece/pelvic drop (drop needs repair)  
William Baeza 415.308.6855 Gonstead knee-chest $100
William Baeza 415.308.6855 14 x 17 viewbox $100
William Starace 530.673.5117 xray & processor for sale  
Rudy Lopez 209.954.6764 Chiropratic Table Maintenance & Repair