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What constitutes medical necessity?
How do you calculate fee structure on a time basis?
Continuing Education
What are the requirements?
Do we need technique each year?
Office Closure
How do I avoid patient abandonment issues if I am closing or selling my practice?
Can my office staff administer physiotherapy in the office?
All information must be in the treatment plan and updated every 30 days.
Specific details/directions/settings must be in file.
Can we have package plans for our patient care?
Yes. You can have time limit with unlimited care OR a certain number of visits but NO time limit.
Time limit:
Have a time frame; unlimited care for a year, 6 months, etc.
Example: One time visit is $50. Annual package unlimited visits is $2000.
If one visit a week pt would save $500.
What if patient wants to quit?
Example: if patient wants to quit after 11 visits,
the math would be 11 visits x $50 = $550, so refund pt $1450
To protect DC & patient be sure to have a written contract!
Visit limit:
They pay for 10 visits or 20 visits etc, up front and get a discounted rate.
Example: One time visit is $50. 10 visits is $350, so $35 a visit. Patient pays lump sum upfront.
No expiration date or time frame.
To protect DC & patient be sure to have a written contract!