"Back To Chiropractic is the best thing I've seen in over 30 years of practice." ~Steve Jette, DC

"Marcus, as usual I was so impressed with your presentation as it was informative and to the point.  Your presentation is impressive, backed by current literature and insight.  Every DC should attend your seminar at least once to be exposed to a truly wonderful experience.  I always say you, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Slosberg are the best lecturers in chiropractic. Again, thank you for all you do for our profession!" ~Stephen Collins
"Dr. Strutz's seminar is filled with clinical pearls with essential information that are applicable in your daily practice! The content of both the live seminar and online courses are satisfyingly fulfilling! His teaching style is also quite engaging. You're actually part of the seminar instead of just sitting there! I highly recommend his seminar to help renew your purpose as a passionate chiropractor! ~Eric Choi
"By far the best CE seminar ever. Great engaging content & entertaining. Oddly enough the 12hrs flew by. See you next year Marcus ~George Wilson Jr.
"Best seminar I've done in 30 years! Truthfully it was the first time I found myself interested & fascinated for 12 hours." ~Gene Martin
"I really enjoyed the seminar. Dr. Eggleston and Dr. Pedley were wonderful and informative.  This was my 31st relicensing seminar and it was my best.  I never got tired or bored.  I even went to go work out after the seminar." ~Mike Bowen
"Back to Chiropractic's cutting edge CE courses meet all requirements for my license renewal as my Radiography Supervisor & Operator permit. The instructors are all experts in subjects they teach. I am super happy with them and I recommend them to all my colleagues." ~George Boghozian
"This is awesome to learn, review & have the notes online, just terrific." ~Susan Zastrow
"Your presentation was fast moving and enlightening. You gave us new insight into routines that were glued into our gray matter and needed Goo Gone. Your ideas were quite profound, and you made us rethink our procedures. Considering we have been in practice many years and even taught technique at one time, that is no easy accomplishment." ~John & Laura Kosbau
"I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Watson's presentation of nutrition. Not the usual boring presentation, she made it interesting and pertinent with great stories. I liked her term "allopathic nutrition" signifying a non-holistic and symptom based approach which drives me crazy about so many nutritionists. Her approach is holistic and fits so well with the chiropractic philosophy of giving the body what it needs to turn on the power and heal itself." ~Santokh Singh Khalsa
"Dr. Watson's nutrition lecture seminar was fantastic! It was a great learning experience, an eye opener, fascinating, interesting topics, and she was a sweetheart! I wish I'd taken her seminar a long time ago. Dr. Watson is a keeper, and she inspired me to continue my education and in becoming a DACBN. Thanks Marcus for putting Back to Chiropractic CE Seminars together for all of us DCs. ~Kristy Dong Tran
"You sure put the fire back in my stove. I especially liked the adjusting technique as it applied to hands on pressure. I attended at least 8 Gonstead seminars while he was still alive and spent a whole day with him in Mt. Horeb and I never ever heard him talk about the initial pressure you apply when you first put your hands on the patient. Thank-you for your insights and knowledge." ~Ed Salera
"Dr. Marcus after 28 years of CE seminars yours was the best I have ever attended. Thanks for all the wellness info which was delivered with plenty of documented proof and entertainment. You truly have a gift and I greatly appreciate your effort." ~Jon Baker, New Beginnings Life Coaching
"Dr. Marcus--Thank You--Your seminar is exceptional, that is why I took it again. There are many to choose from. Keep up the wonderful work." ~Kerby Landis
"Thanks Marcus for a wonderful seminar.  After 12 hours of class, I came home more energized than when I arrived.  Your information and the way your present the material is very informative and enjoyable.  You have a great way of involving each person, your humor is great, and the power point presentation is visually stimulating." ~Diana Martin
"Best 6 hour x-ray program (X-ray Guidelines) that I have ever taken!  Pictures were great!  Very educational with great references...ASHP is very strict when we take x-rays and this was a big help! I actually read it twice!  Thanks again." ~Ted Omura
"You're amazing! I just received my certificate within 2 minutes of payment. You're super speedy. Your online resources are a gift to our community. As a busy practitioner I appreciate the ability to go on too backtochiropratic.net and take classes in exactly the areas we need.  I was going to sign up for another free online class for relicensing and dropped out in absolute dismay. I really appreciate now how you've structured the courses!" ~Audrey Egan
"Great online Philosophy course! Awesome! More! Iím Hungry! I made my whole office staff watch it twice! I canít live without this stuff! Ahhhhhhhhhh! You get the idea! Thanks so much for your work!" ~Chris Kobe
"I thoroughly enjoy taking my relicensure classes online and live at a reasonable fee.  Your seminars are always well taught and useful.  I took the Ethics & Law and Billing & Coding seminar from David Hofheimer and found it to be most helpful and informative.  He made the info easy to understand and gave us a tremendous amount of information that is pertinent to practice.  He is doing a great job for the profession." ~Jack Morris
"Thank you for doing a great job.  12 hours is a long time and it went quick.  Take that as my highest compliment.  I always learn a lot and enjoy your teaching style. I very much appreciate your humor.  You are an excellent teacher." ~Richard Hamilton
"Thank you so much for a wonderful and very entertaining seminar. I usually am not looking forward to doing my CEs after a long day however your humor, information and method of teaching was fabulous. I learned a lot and the adjustment you gave me was amazing." ~Anita Haque
"Your willingness to research and present facts is impressive. I love your lightness and humor. I'm hopelessly addicted!" ~Richard Allen
"After all the CE credits I've had in x-ray, this online course was simple and the most useful! I learned more online than sitting in a big room with boring x-ray people.  Keep it up!" ~Harry Wong
"I am truly grateful for all your words of wisdom. Your words made a HUGE impact on my life as a student, as an individual and as a chiropractor.  I hope that you realize what a phenomenal person you are and what a mentor you have been to so many students."  ~Susie Baca
"Thanks for putting on a fantastic seminar. You were terrific as always and the other speakers were also good. No falling asleep like other seminars. The fun and humor makes it all very interesting and exciting. What a bargain." ~Gary Ellison
"A talk by Marcus is like a high impact sport." ~Sue Ray, Dept Chair Phys/Path, LCCW
"Marcus you're awesome! Third time taking your seminar and you always seem to provide an invaluable little pearl.."~ Mike Zumstein
"Great information, extremely entertaining. I never looked at my watch once!" ~Barbara Reitz
"Dr. Marcus is a technical wizard. He gave a ton of adjusting moves that were easy to apply, especially on difficult patients. I highly recommend attending this seminar." ~Todd Royse
"With your enthusiastic style you encouraged me to get back on a healthy track and be an example for my patients." ~John Zeravich