Zoom CE Seminars ~ All Calif Board Approved

Zoom is in the process of being approved for Live CE in California, the target effective date is January 1st 2024
First register & pay. Join classes by clicking on Zoom Links 10 mins before the start time, the link will NOT be emailed to you
Know Zoom: mic/video, chat room & view functions. Get help if needed Zoom Tutorial: View To Avoid Tech Issues
You need: device with camera, mic & speakers. Open a free Zoom account, it works best on Chrome browser, avoid using phones
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The ZOOM Experience

What a wonderful experience to take the Zoom presentation of the technique portion of the continuing education. I wanted to put my two cents worth with this news of eliminating this was disappointing for someone who has attended continuing classes for 49 years. I would sit in the front of every class to get the benefit of seeing better. Especially the presentations of the technique portion. Your presentations by ZOOM was so professionally presented and we could see up close and personal the hand positions without having to stand on my toes to see what you were doing. I give you excellent rating for your presentation. Thank you and I hope the State Board will not do away with this form of education. ~ Ida Hallgren-Luke

I wanted to email to let you know that your technique seminar via Zoom is AMAZING! I can honestly say this is the first time in 18 years that I have taken a technique seminar and have learned something from it and have implemented what I have learned on Monday. Usually, I am unable to see since I'm vertically challenged or if I happen to stand in the front, the angle that I am standing at doesn't allow me the vantage point that I need to be able to see what's going on. The ability for you to pause the video, highlight what you want us to see, and then repeat it multiple times is fantastic. I have taken all of your seminars from the pre-COVID live seminars, to the early covid Zoom seminars, and I have to say this one was the best. Your zoom seminars are great and I hope you continue to offer live Zoom seminars. It saves on travel time and money. I don't have to take off work for 2 weeks to come take a seminar in the US. I can find a seminar on my days off and take a little at a time. 4 hours here, 6 hours there, 2 hours here. I don't have to spend a few days getting used to the time zone, then sit in an uncomfortable chair in a cold room for 12 hours with multiple distractions, then travel back and adjust to the new time zone. Even with the difference in time zones (14 hours), I am not sleepy taking your seminars at 2am. Your tests during the seminars are great. It keeps us on our toes and we have to pay attention. No funny business since you give us the answer. Just sit, listen, and learn in the comfort of our home. Once again, Dr. Strutz, great seminar. Keep up the good work. ~ Jane Chin

First of all, thank you for the incredible seminars I have taken over the years from Back to Chiropractic. I believe the zoom seminars are a more efficient way of learning. The best part is the “chat” aspect where we can think out our questions, edit what we ask and get it right before putting it out to everyone. Then, you can either answer the question or not in your own time. I think it eliminates the grandstanders while allowing serious questions to come forth and be addressed. And, a lot of people who would not raise their hand to ask feel empowered to ask their question. The pressure is off. I believe that Zoom is actually a better way to learn. We are not so wiped out by the long commutes and all the stress that goes with it. Plus, having multiple cameras in the technique portions lets everyone see the areas adjusted, the correct line of drive and the doctor’s stance, the whole thing. Not just the tall guys in front. And zoom lets us record the session for later review. ~ John Mayfield

Marcus, I just wanted to let you know that was the BEST technique class I have ever taken for my CE units.  The close up video and specific angles were amazing.  When you are in a live "in person" class only a few people can see the actual adjustment taking place…with your class everyone had a front row seat! Thank you for the great notes and knowledge about the chiropractic technique. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to the next one.  With the convenience of the zoom classes I am more likely to do more than 24 CE units every year. Thanks again! ~ Cree Guardino


That was excellent, Marcus. I had never done a technique seminar on zoom before, and I was amazed at how perfectly it works. At live seminars, there are 12 to 50 docs all clustered around, everyone trying to get a DECENT view. With zoom, everyone gets the BEST view and consequently I learned a lot more. I took a technique class from you in a hotel about 2 years ago, and didn't learn nearly as much as I did via Zoom. What else was superior was that I didn't have to drive 1-3 hours to get there, and 1-3 hours coming back; and that means I don't have to do 12 hours to be efficient with that 2-6 hours driving time. We can take 2 hours, or 4 hours, or 6 hours, versus all 12hrs at once. Please do what you can to keep zoom live seminars available, they are so much easier and so much better. Best Wishes. ~ H Gordon Ainsleigh


Hi Marcus! Firstly "Zoom CE" works so much better than "in person" classes for so many reasons.

Technique CE with Zoom surprisingly works and works better than live.  Thanks so much for your diligence with cameras!!  Now that you have accomplished it, here are SOME of the benefits I experienced:

1. Far better view of the adjustments shown because the angle of the camera!  Everyone has a front row seat.

2. No waste of time as we all meander up talking and chatting and distracting each other throughout the demonstration.

3. Able to ask questions easily.

4. No travel time. (Saving the environment, more alert!..:).

5. Less distractions.

6. If have to leave room briefly, can turn up volume and not miss a thing!

Thanks again for all your efforts! ~ Kathy O'Connor, DC


Dr. Marcus, thank you for your creative method of sharing and teaching techniques to us. Due to the perfect visibility I was able to see much much better than in person seminars. Your camera set up and its’ zooming was perfect for learning. Many thanks ~ Nazee Rofagha


Dear Dr. Strutz, I want to thank you for all the work you have put in to help me acquire my CE hours in the midst of this pandemic. The work you have done has had untold benefits for me and my family. My wife and I care for Kristine’s mother, Sylvia. Her mother is 15 days shy of 99 years old.  We are fortunate in that, once standing, Sylvia can usually walk for a short distance. Her big difficulty is getting out of bed or chair. My wife can accomplish this at times but there are times daily when my strength is required.  This situation made the prospect of CE daunting.  Because Sylvia struggles with dementia it is miserable for her if we were to bring in an unknown caregiver, even for a day or two. Your zoom meetings solved our problem.  I am not at all “techie” but I was able to navigate the site with relative ease. Once there, I found the zoom meeting to be quite delightful. I prefer to sit in the back where I can get to the restroom without annoying fellow students. At home my restroom is much closer to my computer than those in hotels. I missed far less instruction and I annoy no one. This sitting in the back of a hotel room makes it more difficult to see what is happening at the front of the class room. On Zoom, this was no problem. Dr. Pedley’s x-ray slides were easily made nearly full screen and most visible. (I am told that I can even put the Zoom on a large screen TV for even better visibility.) Projected images in a hotel room are only as clear as the lighting in the room allows. Again, the Zoom images were perfectly clear. Hotels rooms, in my experience, have typically had difficulty with temperature control.  As an older man I must “layer” my clothing for comfort sake (as do others). This shivering, cold feet, putting on and taking off is annoying and distracting.  Not so at home. I see no reason for the board to make it necessary for us to support uncomfortable hotels, expensive restaurants, and polluting airlines and gas companies now that this technology is developed.  CE seminars, via Zoom, are much better, cheaper, easier, safer, and far wiser ecologically. I strongly support your efforts to continue with this form of CE instruction. ~ Karl Aamot 



Dear Marcus, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your live interactive zoom classes.  Far, far better than in-person classes.  Easier to see (especially technique), easier to hear (no din from a conference room or poor acoustics), less distracting (people going in and out of room, uncomfortable seats and poor thermal and air quality control), easier to interact with instructor (can ask questions of you anytime, and when you ask questions of us, all are able to answer, instead of just one person. Plus seeing other participants answers is very helpful and gives me a broader perspective). Just overall easier to learn, especially without fatigue from travel, uncomfortable hotel rooms and unhealthy restaurant food. I think this holds the doctors far more accountable for being attentive and learning, particular with your specific and organized procedures, with the ongoing exam throughout the class and video confirmation for you that the doc is sitting there.  In-person classes are not the best environment for learning or making sure anyone is actually paying attention, (sad but true). Not having to travel, being in the comfort of one’s home or office, and the clarity of the presentation visually and audibly, just makes it a far better experience overall and I believe accomplishes the purpose of ongoing education even more so than in-person learning. I was able to participate and ask questions far more than I ever have before with this format. Very engaging. I hope this will become an ongoing option even after the pandemic ends.  Really love it. ~ Robin Seagrave


Hi Dr. Strutz, I just wanted to write to thank you for being flexible and innovative with the way you have found a way to continue providing quality CE classes for us. The Zoom classes have been profoundly amazing as it offers much more flexibility with timing, location and decreased expenses without sacrificing the quality of the content or the interactions that is normally experienced at an in-person seminar. The benefit of distanced-learning seminars allows more docs to attend classes while eliminating the financial and time burdens of travel, lodging and time away from our practices. Furthermore, I would like to express how impressed I am with the Technique and Pt Ed. Seminar. In talking with some colleagues, the general consensus is an overwhelming amount of support for the following reasons: 1. Multiple camera angles allow for ALL participants to have front-row view. 2. Having a table in the comfort of our own office/home without having to transport and set up a table at the class location. 3. No space restrictions so everyone who wants to have a table, can have one to practice. 4. Ability to use our own set up “models” so that all DCs are able to practice the set up simultaneously without having to take turns – more efficient and streamlined. I think it is safe to say that the Zoom classes are a huge success and we thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into structuring, setting up and building the new platform! We hope that this continues to be an option moving forward. Yours faithfully. ~ Derek Ko


Dear Dr Strutz, I just finished your zoom technique seminar presentation.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and how informative it was.  With all your different camera angles I was able to see and understand all the various chiropractic adjustments and proper techniques that you demonstrating in your class, much better than an in person classroom full of people were it was always hard to observe every move. Thank you very much ~ Ingrid Machado

Dear Marcus, Your live Zoom Chiropractic Technique seminar I attended yesterday was surprisingly effective in explaining and demonstrating several adjusting techniques.  In many ways, your effective use of multiple camera angles enabled me to have an even better view of patient setup and doctor positioning than the view I sometimes get from the crowded audience at a live, in-person seminar.  Additionally, my ability to take this seminar from home enabled me to stay much fresher and less tired by the end of the seminar which improved subject matter retention and my overall enjoyment. I very much appreciate and congratulate you for all the hard work it must have taken to bring this new form of chiropractic technique seminar to such a successful fruition.   I eagerly look forward to experience all the future video production enhancements you include going forward that will make an already effective and enjoyable seminar only more so.  It is my hope that this seminar format will continue even after we all can assemble together again in person after pandemic. ~ Richard Rapoport

Hi Marcus, I just wanted to let you know that I am totally for your Zoom classes, especially with technique. At a live in-person demonstration I could always hear your words, but never put it all together with what you were doing. I simply wasn’t close enough. I’ve been coming to your classes for a decade or more and this time with Zoom things really sunk in. I never realized how hard it was to see technique at a live seminar until we took technique via Zoom. With Zoom it was completely different. I could see everything so easily and up close. In fact the very next day in my office I heard your words and applied what I saw to adjust. Not only was the adjustment easier, the patient remarked “that felt great”. This happened throughout the day and ever since. I really think technique via Zoom is a winner and should be used instead of live in-person seminars. ~ James Rogers

I've attended several technique seminars in both Texas and California. This was my first time via zoom. I absolutely love it. I can watch closely and ask for specific views that I need and can practice the moves right as I'm watching, with immediate feedback. The talking through of the adjustment, as well as demonstration reminds of being in a technique class in school. This was so much more productive and informative than a live in person class. Since most of us have been adjusting for years it's the little refinements that we are really looking for and this certainly delivers. ~ Pierce Sweeney

I just wanted you to know that yesterday's technique seminar was by far the best seminar I've ever taken. I have a practice in Iran and I see many patients with disc issues that makes them difficult to adjust. Today I used your techniques and they worked great! Thanks again ~ Sanaz Rouhani

Hi Marcus, I just wanted you to know that your new Zoom format is great! Cutting travel expenses/time and being at home are wonderful bonuses, but the best part of this format is the ability to see other DC's questions and comments all the while not interrupting the speaker. A;lso having the ability to view the x-rays ih higher definition is very helpful! Thank you so much for your hard work in these trying times. ~ Stephen Collins

Dr. Marcus, I absolutely LOVE the distance video conferencing (ZOOM) format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many benefits to this format: Health, safety, efficiency, environmental factors and comfort. After 6 hours in a small hotel room, I absolutely feel exhausted, mentally stressed and am very frustrated quite frankly. I dread this time of year, every year knowing I'm going to have to spend a lot of time on a weekend in a hotel. Feels so bad. With ZOOM I now feel personally very well and comfortable after 6 hours at my home desk. Another benefit is the digital confirmation that you are using through Zoom and your testing platform. If the Board has any concerns they could easily be provided with digital time stamps as proof of attendance for any auditing purposes. This is much better than the in person system. I hope we can continue this format into the future. THAK YOU for setting this up. ~ Aaron Keena

I really like the Zoom format for a variety of reasons.
1) Course material and personal interaction is similar to in-person classes. I don’t think in person classes are any better, unless you are providing hands on technique, where attendees perform and practice hands on training. Watching a video of a technique is even better because you get a better view as it is often hard to see in a large classroom setting.
2) Significantly reduces costs, travel time, hotels, flights, etc. Allows us to take CE anywhere with good internet access, making it easier to complete required CE credits.
3) Several online provides have CE credits accredited for multiple states so I can completed multiple CE requirements with one course. For me that is important as I have 3 active chiro. licenses including; CA, CO and NY. Individually, I would have to complete on average 51 hour of CE a year if this were not the case.
4) Intermittent testing during the seminar made sure people were attending and paying attention.
5) Receiving our CE certificate in PDF format right away allows me to save certificate for future use/reference on my computer and reduces waste by not having to print and mail certificates to me and for me then having to scan said certificate.
6) I'd strongly support this format even after covid-19 passes and we return to ’normal’ operations. ~ Kai Tiltmann

I LOVE Zoom with Back To Chiropractic. As a working mom it's really difficult to leave for a weekend to attend seminars, having to arrange childcare and leave my children after I've been working all week. With ZOOM, I was able to skip the drive and traffic, and stay with my kids while paying attention and learning great info! Thanks ~ Maura Timm

ZOOM was better than the live meetings, as it felt like one-on-one training. I believe people were more apt to ask questions because they felt like no one could see them. I was more alert because I didn't drive 3 hours before the meeting. I plan to do my next 6 hours soon and the next 12 soon afterwards. Thanks for all your efforts in making this happen. ~ Don Milligan

Thank you for providing us with zoom online seminars this year. I always enjoy your seminars and I especially like the ability to take a seminar from home. I felt I was able to absorb more information not having to cram in 12 hours at a time. Personally, I thought it was a great success and hope to be offered zoom online seminars in the future. ~ Dawn Fealk

I thought this worked out quite well - even better than I expected. I was surprised how much more alert I felt for this seminar compared to live, in-person seminars. I thought that doing this at home would allow my mind to wander, get distracted, or fall asleep. I'm not sure if it had to do with being in a space with a window allowing for natural light and fresh air as opposed to a stuffy conference room at a hotel, or because the presentation was a couple feet directly in front of my face the whole time, listening through headphones. There was a lack of commotion that comes with a room packed with people. I could hear you clearly as well as all questioners. I also couldn't believe how quickly it seemed to go by. I hope the Board elects to keep this as an option after COVID. Zoom allows you to clearly see the face of everyone in attendance, and every speaker is highlighted in the video. I actually felt more connected and intimate than hanging at the back of the room. Also, because each attendees video is accompanied with their name displayed, I actually learned the names of some of my colleagues. Thanks again! You provide a great service for us. I appreciate it. ~ Warren Friedman

As always, the information in your seminar today was current, important, and on subject. I was unsure how a ZOOM seminar would present. I felt I had a front row seat, and could easily hear all the questions and answers asked by the doctors during the seminar. It turned out to be a very good experience. Thank you
 for your constant diligence and your considerable effort in making this work. After this seminar, I feel that ZOOM could become an efficient and cost-effective means for re-licensure. ~ John Kosbau

With Zoom I could actually see x-rays up close and personal. It's always difficult in a large room to see x-ray details, but on your computer, 18 inches away, you can see everything. ~ Dennis Wild

MARCUS THANK YOU! I was VERY pleased with the Live Zoom experience this last week and I would like to add some ammo for your upcoming attempt to get the BCE to make this venue permanent. Since I have been in practice since February of 1968, I have completed my CE requirements every year since they first started. I find these Zoom seminars to be far superior, not only in convenience but in overall material understanding and retention for the following reasons;

1. I can wear my own earphones which allows me to control the volume so I can hear and understand every word,  unlike sitting in a large room straining to hear the speaker clearly. This is wonderful for the hearing impaired.
2. I had a full night's sleep without having to listen to noisy hotel patrons and kids running up and down the halls.
3. I slept until 1/2 hour before the presentation rather than getting up at 4 AM and driving for 4 hours to get to the seminar.  This allows much better concentration during the presentation.
4. I sat in the comfort of my own home in my own comfortable chair rather than sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a room with numerous other people and distractions.
5. Lastly, I was not distracted by check-out time distractions, or where to keep my bags after checkout time, or where to buy the fuel for the 4 hour return trip home.

I applaud your efforts to get the BCE to see the light and allow our profession to use this 21st century technology to make our profession even better than it already is. ~ C. Owen Bateson

I'd like to say that these Zoom seminars are wonderful. I used to have to fly 22 hours just to take your seminars every year, but this has reduced my costs significantly. Honestly, the Zoom seminars are great. I love that you can mute people. At live seminars there is always that one person that has to interrupt you and there’s no way to mute them live. However, in Zoom you did a great job. The seminars seemed more personal. I was able to pay attention to you more without any distractions from people in the seminar. The quizzes were great. It made me stay awake while taking your seminar at 1am. Even at 3am, I wasn’t tired because your seminars are always informative and entertaining. Hopefully, there will be a way to continue to take Zoom seminars. As always, your seminars are spectacular! ~ Jane Chin

Thank you Marcus!  Great Zoom today. Very happy about the convenience, the simplicity and the efficiency. The drive time would have exceeded the seminar time, so this was awesome. I normally do all 12 in a day just to get it out of the way, which I dread. Zoom offers an option to break it up and actually get more out of it. Also we really reduced our carbon footprint...hopefully the Board cares about that! I hope this remains an option. Thanks again, appreciate your willingness to adapt, I knew you would! ~ Janet Ferolito

I've always enjoyed your seminars...from the very beginning. However, I really LOVE the Zoom seminars. The classes remain informative, educational and of high quality, but the convenience of being at my office or home is unmatched. I realize that I pay more attention and can focus on the speaker and subject being taught. Thank you so much for such a great resource! All the things we should know about and don't keep up with... we can find on your website. Keep up the good work, I appreciate you. ~ Francel Nunnink

The Zoom in lieu of in person classes seem equally valuable for professional information and learning. Specifically, the Back To Chiropractic classes of Marcus Strutz, DC have mechanisms to verify that we are in continual attendance and hold our attention to answer test questions throughout the sessions. I suggest that Zoom sessions continue to be certified as valid "in person" classes, even after the COVID safety requirements are lifted. ~ Paul Schaffer

Thank you so much for working so hard to make ZOOM an option. It was much better than in person. 6 hours is more manageable, and sitting in a comfortable chair was nice. I could see everything you were doing, and it was great to put names to faces of my colleagues. I hope this can always be an option. ~ Sandrella Estassi-Martin

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